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Pilottech has positioned itself in line with the high demand for medical transcription services to deliver the best to you. Success in transcription services is largely based on the ability to offer highly dedicated and quality services. We specialize in IME transcription service for medical expert witness, maintaining high level accuracy and credibility.  When you reach us at Pilottech, you are assured of high customer focus, quality work and guarantees. Our dedicated transcriptionists are highly qualified, exquisitely skilled, efficient and reliable, they are indeed our most precious resource. To help you run your business, trust us to deliver the right results you are targeting.


pilottech transcription serviceWhile medical records in the past were kept as hand written information, the resultant cumulative data became very large. The medical digital format creates the right model for remote accessibility which is easier and prompt. The transcribers work with sophisticated technology to transform seamless data accurately for all our clients. At all cost, quality is the main focus and you can rest assured of getting the best from us.


Why you should outsource to Pilottech


Pilottech has continued to develop its services in line with its mission to help creating and delivering value to clients. You can never go wrong because of the following factors.


  • The company offers a diverse array of services that are driven by modern technology
  • There is high focus and commitment to delivering value to all clients
  • A large pool of technical professionals in the area of fitness to handle your transcription.
  • Adoption of latest software that make your work done to perfection.
  • Multiple proofreading that targets to deliver non-error results to clients.


Benefits of hiring Pilottech


  • Quick turnaround time that ensures your work is delivered faster.
  • The services are done at high levels of accuracy.
  • The prices are competitive and affordable.
  • All your work will be handled by highly qualified and experienced professionals.
  • You enjoy a professional and 24/7 support to keep you informed on the progress of your work or clarify any issue you may be experiencing.



The focus at Pilottech is to provide the most competitive rates for medical transcription. This is provided on the key baseline of delivering the highest quality of services to clients. While our prices are indeed the best in the market, consider trying our free trial service, which comes with no strings attached. This is a great point to start on a win-win basis where you try the services we offer while we showcase our focus and high professionalism.

pilottech transcription service