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Media over time has continued to grow and diversify to offer myriads of options for clients at all levels. Media transcription has consequently become very critical in creating a harmonious platform that all professionals in this area can understand. Whether journalists or mass media professionals, transcription gives them the perfect platform for advancing their careers or services. Transcriptions in the media include film transcription, talk shows transcription, podcast transcriptions, interviews transcriptions and documentary transcriptions among others.pilottech transcription service


Pilottech at a Glance

At Pilottech nothing is left to chance and all is done to ensure that the best of the best is delivered.


  •  We have a team of highly qualified and professional experts who are dedicated to their work and are always ready to cater to the clients’ needs.
  • We use the latest forms of technology to ensure that utmost precision and quality is achieved.
  • We offer our services all day, every day and at very affordable rates.
  • We employ the latest technology to ensure that accuracy and quality are always maintained. 


Why go for Pilottech 


  • Client is King at Pilottech.  Your needs will come first and everything will be done to ensure that the transcription work is satisfactorily done.
  • We strive to deliver within the shortest time possible to avoid last minute hassles.
  • Your Transcriptions will be handled by experts in the field whose expertise will allow them to deliver just what you need.
  • Confidentiality of the files will be given utmost priority at all times.


At Pilottech, the reality of how media transcription is critical resulted in assembling the best professionals for the task. The focus is to ensure that all clients get quality work well within the stipulated timelines. By outsourcing to Pilottech, you get the special assurance that your work will be done not just professionally, but with special focus on drawing your loyalty to us. The long period of time that Pilottech has been in media transcription should be able to convince you that you will get only the best.


Media transcription is offered on a highly competitive price that you can afford. The focus is largely based on transcription of the highest quality for clients and customer value. You are welcome to try our services through our no-obligation free trial to use our services. This allows you to try the services we offer and therefore work on a mutually advantageous agreement for both parties. You test our services for assurance while we showcase what we can professionally offer you.

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