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Pilottech over the years has focused on church transcription and delivers the approach, tone, focus and sense of touch that comes with sermons, prayers and even theological teachings among other mediums. Church transcription is done in a manner that underscores the divine outlook and conviction. Pilottech has a pool of strong and committed transcriptionists who deliver high value to you. 


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Pilottech’s Church Transcription Service

the right choice: 


  • We employ professional and highly qualified team who has the ability to provide the highest standards of transcription service.
  • Highly specific and detailed religious transcription service can be provided in any style or format clients wish or require.
  • Should there be some corrections or complaints regarding our transcription service, we are more than willing to repeat the transcription or give you your full refund.
  • As a reputable transcription service firm, it is our objective to provide comprehensive and satisfying service to every client who uses our service. We are proud to share to everyone that a considerable number of clients keep on returning to us for our undisputed and professional transcription service offers.


Pilottech is focused on winning your loyalty through special commitment to your work. Consequently, the transcriptionists take the right tone, focus and orientation as exemplified in the prayers, sermons or preaching among other things. 


Pilotech’s Edge 


  • We are the right firm which allows Christian organizations to pursue their church work and duties without having to encounter some problems in terms of transcribing their sermons, prayers, lectures and many more.
  • With our company’s exceptional transcription service, your workload is simplified and your backlogs are reduced. You may also eliminate your office, overhead manpower as well as technology resources.
  • What’s more advantageous from our firm’s service is the fact that a church or a congregation’s remarkable sermons as well as other materials are highly discernible by our pool of transcribers.
  • Not only that, clients we guarantee you accurate transcription service that is offered at a very cost efficient rates
  • We offer a free trial of our transcription service to give you a feel of our professionalism 


Pilottech church transcriptionists are qualified in different church related disciplines and therefore enthusiastically take on your tasks.  The company has the right technology and as our transcriptionists operate on a 24/7 hours basis, you are assured of timely delivery.  It does not matter what your location is, you can count on Pilottech for your business support.