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Radiology coding service


Pilottech has maintained a highly professional and responsive team of radiology coders to deliver radiology projects on time. Coders are responsible for ensuring all charges from the Diagnostic Radiology have been appropriately prepared for posting on the patient's account. They monitor and track all charges that have been released in the EMR (EPIC) for Coding. Revenue codes ensure the appropriate CPT code has been assigned. . Coders work collaboratively with the Professional Billing leadership and coding team to ensure the codes match for the Imaging procedure performed and the professional interpretation of the procedure. 


Our CPC coders are an expert in deciphering radiology medical records and coding to the highest level of specificity. They work collaboratively with team members, lead and manager to keep up to date with changes within the specialty. Radiology coding consists of 70k series of codes. These are systematized based on the type of radiology and the purpose of the service. Most of the radiology coding includes Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasound. Radiology Coding Service helps our clients to improve productivity and performance, and achieve prosperity.
Radiology coders reviews and handles interventional procedures performed within Diagnostic Radiology, IE: Breast Imaging procedures, Spine Injections, aspirations etc. to ensure all codes have been appropriately assigned for optimum reimbursement. You can rest assured that Pilottech will deliver the best quality. 

 Why outsource to Pilottech


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Non-obligatory services trial


Make sure to test Pilottech's non obligatory services trial where you order a trial sample to be assured of the services to expect. This is a win-win consideration for the company because you get a taste of what to expect while Pilottech showcases its professionalism to you. You can never go wrong with Pilottech.