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Orthopedic and podiatry coding service

Orthopedic and podiatry coding service


At a time when businesses and individuals are going digital for easier access in the online platforms, digitization is very critical. Orthopedic and podiatry coding service allows you to complete the process of digitizing your information by transforming medical texts into proper coded record. Pilottech has particularly specialized in this niche because of its constant focus on Orthopedic and podiatry coding service. Our CPC work on orthopedic and podiatry coding with accuracy and compliance audits with user friendly and educational report formats. Temporary podiatry coding to cover vacations, medical leaves and employee turnover


A closer look at Pilottech and its operations


To deliver higher quality coding service the company employs only those with high qualifications in their respective areas. This is used to assure our clients that only the best would be delivered as the final product. The company has further adopted modern digital technologies to facilitate faster completion of all coding facilities.



Why you should consider contracting Pilottech 



  • The company has been in business for a long time and delivers high quality services
  •  All the staff are qualified CPC in their areas of medical coding
  •  Modern technology is used to raise the level of accuracy for all the medical coding
  • By combining high professionalism and modern technology, the company delivers 99%accuracy level.


Key advantages you will draw by hiring Pilottech 


  • Highly competitive prices
  • Coding delivery at high accuracy levels of over 99%
  • Responsive support on a 24/7 basis
  • High turnaround time
  • High projects confidentiality


You could take a free trial to pretest the services Pilottech plans to offer you. This allows you to have a taste of what is provided by us while we show you how we do our coding services in the most professional way.