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The healthcare industry is a complex business. It involves physicians, nurses, those in the allied health services and medical secretaries. All of which play an important role to keep the industry going. Medical secretaries include an extensive amount of job from billing, maintaining patient’s files, typing letters and other clerical work. Clearly medical secretary UK is in demand today.

Pilottech is a leading outsourcing company not only in UK but also in Northern America. We don’t only cater to dictation services but we offer training for those who wish to be part of this business. Physicians who wish to take off the burden from their medical secretaries can now turn to us for our services


About Pilottech

PIlottech has been in the outsourcing industry for a while now and we have topnotch clients from UK, United States, Canada and Australia.  We have experienced employees who can deliver guaranteed quality results on time  


  • Every secretarial job needed by physicians will be handled by best staffs who deliver all that you ask for.
  • We always have an available customer support representative 24/7
  • Security is one of our priorities because we highly value your privacy


Why go for Pilottech


  • We guarantee no disappointments; we take our work very seriously and we provide highly professional services to our clients
  • Quality is at the top of our list and all is done to ensure that it is delivered; we never compromise on it.
  • We will offer you very high quality services without you having to burn a hole in your pocket.


About Pilottech free trial 

Free trial is offered by Pilottech to those who want to gauge the company’s services before committing fully. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with the best in the industry.  Click here for a free trial of medical secretary service.