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IME, QME, AME Transcription Services


IME, QME, AME Transcription Services


Medical examination reports are important; as they are warranted to be a part of formal medical procedures.  In situations where they are warranted as part of some formal procedures, the information resulting from them is very vital.  As physicians, anytime you are called upon to conduct an IME, a QME or an AME, with respect to the state that you practice.  It is vital that you have a transcription service provider on your side to support you 24/7.  At Pilottech we can be that transcription service provider that you can always depend on.

Why Go For Pilottech

Pilottech has made it its mission to ensure that customers are provided with high quality and effective transcription services and has invested a lot of resources into ensuring that this is achieved. The following are the reasons why you should choose us.

  •     We use the best forms of technology available in the market
  •     We hire the best of the best in the entire transcription industry
  •     Quality and effectiveness are all top in our priority list and all is done to ensure that they are maintained. 

Advantages of Choosing Pilottech


  •     You will no longer have to ‘break your bank’ so as to pay for transcription services
  •     You will get accurately done transcription within a very short time
  •     All your transcription needs will be adequately and timely taken care of. 


Our Free Trial


We do strive to give you the best of transcription services and to show you that we mean what we say we are willing to give you a free trial of our IME, QME or AME Transcription Services for you to test them out.