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Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Coders

Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Coders


Risk Adjustment Coding Specialist review the provider documentation of diagnostic data from medical record to verify that all Medicare Advantage and Commercial risk adjustment documentation requirements are met. Our medical coders ensure capturing of all diagnosis classified under Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) that are applicable to Medicare Risk Adjustment reimbursement initiatives to close HCC gaps and add HCC codes not reported prior
Coders abstract clinical information from the patient record and identify clinical findings which suggest a need for clarification by the attending or consulting physician in order to accurately reflect the care and treatment and diagnosis of the patient. Our highly qualified and experienced staffs review medical record information on both a retroactive and prospective basis to identify, assess, monitor and document claims and encounter coding information as it pertains to Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC). Prepare and/or perform auditing analysis and provide feedback on noncompliance issues detected through auditing. 
Pilottech medical coders understand the importance when choosing a code. Annually changes will occur that must be tracked and measured to genuinely understand overall performance. Some years, there are not any coding modifications to the HCC model. This shift is centered on lessening the price of health care in the U.S. while.

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The success that you can achieve in any coding services you seek is determined by the company you hire to do the tasks. Pilottech remains outstanding because of its wide experience and focus on clients. When you outsource with us, we pride in delivering value to win your loyalty. You can never go wrong with us.


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  • Client is King at Pilottech. Client's need comes first and everything will be done to ensure that the coding work is satisfactorily done.
  • HCC coders handle coding quality audits of medical records to ensure ICD-10-CM codes are accurately assigned and supported by clinical documentation to ensure adherence with CMS Risk Adjustment guidelines
  • We strive to deliver within the shortest time possible to avoid last minute hassles.
  • Coder complies with all aspects of Coding, abides by all ethical standards, and adheres to official coding guidelines. Conducts physician chart audits to identify incorrect coding, prepares reports of findings and any compliance issues.


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When we set the price of our services, we ensure that they are highly competitive. The pricing is however secondary. The core focus of the company is the ultimate value that is delivered to you. By maintaining a highly professional staff that works on 24/7 days every week, you can be assured of getting your project at the right time. Try our free trial offer which enables you to evaluate our services in order to be assured of what we offer to you. This free non obligatory offer also gives us a chance to showcase our talents and professionalism to you.  Try us today and you can be sure that you will never regret this decision.