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Audio Typing For UK Doctors

The medical field is a complex business and gone are the days when doctors used to write medical reports and referral letters manually.  They are now making use of Dictaphones to have their memos where a patient’s course of treatment is dictated and then transcribed by medical secretaries or by an outsourcing company.  Here in UK, there are a lot of companies offering their services for audio typing for UK doctors.


Pilottech the transcription partner

For dictation and typing requirements, Pilottech is one of the go-to companies, which supports physicians in United Kingdom with audio typing service.  Pilottech is an established outsourcing organisation, which helps you with your audio dictation needs. Audio typing for UK doctors is not easy especially if the transcriber is not well versed with the medical lingo, the abbreviations and the medications.  Here at Pillottech, our staff handling audio typing for UK doctors are well trained and understand the terminologies of the medical universe.


Pilottech at a glance


  •     Our mission is to give utmost importance for good, quality results for our clientele.
  •     We have a 24/7 customer service representative available to help you whenever you need them.


Why choose Pillottech?


  • Pilottech has vast employees working in specific fields ensuring that our employees are qualified to do audio typing for UK doctors.
  • We understand that in medical field, privacy is very important.  Our employees go through a rigid security check when coming in and going out of office.
  • Our systems are updated and firewalled to avoid spam and viruses.


Free trial 

Pilottech offers a free trial of audio typing for UK doctors at our website.  Clients can have an overview of our output quality.  You can opt for our free trial service before committing to us 100%. This is to ensure that we meet your needs.  Feel free to try us, to upload trial files click here.