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Addiction Psychiatry Transcription

Psychiatrists have a lot of work in addressing the problem of drug abuse, drug addiction and recovery in the society.  Addiction Psychiatry Transcription services involve turning videos, audios, discussions, interviews, training sessions, and follow-up recordings into text formats.  Pilottech has a group of highly qualified transcriptionists who understand all the theoretical and practical underpinnings of addiction.  You can count on Pilottech for all transcriptions related to addiction psychiatry.


A deeper focus on Pilottech

Pilottech provides transcription services to clients all over the globe. The company maintains highly qualified workforce that holds massive experience in transcriptions.  Whether it is medical transcription, legal transcription, or video transcription, Pilottech is all that you require to convert those important materials into texts that can be used more flexibly and easily into the digital media.

Why are more people hiring Pilottech 


  •     The company is guided by high commitment to confidentiality
  •     There is strong and great focus on customer value at all levels of these transcriptions
  •     Maintenance of highly qualified staff who understand all aspects of your work
  •     Adoption of modern technology that enables the company to deliver higher accuracy rates


Specific benefits of outsourcing to Pilottech  


  •     Transcriptions are delivered at high accuracy rates of over 99%
  •     You are assured of your work being completed by trained professionals
  •     The company provides a 24/7 customer support for you to be able to follow your project at any time.
  •     The cost is affordable, indeed the best in the market 

To get higher levels of quality of transcriptions that you would receive, you may opt to take an initial trial which is free.  This allows us to showcase our professionalism to you.