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YouTube videos are intended to serve various purposes.  Some are meant to educate, others to inform, others to inspire, others to entertain, others to market and advertise among many other purposes.  YouTube video transcription refers to the converting of a YouTube video into a text format.  The video could either be transformed into a document or a transcript.

YouTube Video transcription services are very beneficial as they help to ensure that the video effectively serves its purpose.  The popular belief is that a YouTube video serves its purpose when it gets numerous hits, the higher the number of hits the more people you reach.  YouTube Video transcription will help to ensure that the video reaches many people, as they key in the words in the text format to search and search engine gets hold of the video, if the video content is transcribed and embedded into caption space.  Though there is auto caption done already for all the YouTube videos, they are not edited and they have sound-alikes and words that doesn’t make any sense.
Pilottech Company offers transcription services, for YouTube video transcription.  We at Pilottech take our customers very seriously and understand very well that our primary service is to serve our customer with high quality.
Our primary role is to ensure that your video does still send the message it was intended to and reach more audience to pull traffic to your video and give more hits.  We are well trained and we make use of the most modern technology to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.
Advantages by hiring Pilottech 
Highly competitive prices
Transcriptions delivery at high accuracy levels of over 99%
Responsive support for 24/7 basis 
High turnaround time 
High projects confidentiality 
If what is given above does not convince you, you need not live in doubt anymore.  Pilottech is ready to guarantee to you that you will never at any point of time regret enlisting our services.  This we will do by giving you a free trial.  The trial will show you the services we offer and how good these services are.