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Video Transcription Services

Video transcription is one of the most effective methods of transforming films, videos and other assorted visual media into texts so that they can be marketed using principles of SEO.  Due to fast advancement in the video industry, Pilottech has maintained a highly professional and responsive team of transcriptionists to deliver your projects on time. Whether they are fiction, action, documentaries or theater transcriptions, you can rest assured that Pilottech will deliver the best quality. 


A focus on Pilottech

Pilottech is a company that specializes in the entire gamut of transcription services.  The company maintains staff that is highly qualified, willing and greatly motivated to deliver only the highest possible quality to clients.  The company has further adopted modern technology that assists the highly able staff to raise the level of accuracy.


Benefits you accrue by contracting Pilottech Company


  • Your transcription is delivered on time as the company has a high turnaround time for all projects.
  • You are assured that a professional, qualified in digital technology at all levels, will handle your transcription.
  • The prices are affordable and highly competitive when compared to the market.
  • A 24/7 support service is available to answer any query you might have about transcription.
  • By combining high professionalism and modern technology, the company delivers 99%accuracy level.


Information about Pilottech free trial 

To guarantee you higher level of accuracy, timely delivery and competitive pricing, you can take the free trial transcription.  This allows you to see and therefore make a more informed decision to outsource to us.