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Podcast Transcription Services

The fast transforming digital media is creating new models of communications that require careful coordination and support. Podcast transcription involves transcribing episodic series of video, radio audios, or ePub files into text. Once the text content is uploaded to web they are indexed in search engines which allows more accessibility. This transcription requires specialized skills and understanding of respective podcasts to capture and input the tone and focus as it is on the podcast. Podcast transcription services offered by Pilottech include Mp3 transcription, mp4 transcription, TV Interview transcription, and video transcription among others.


Pilottech at a glance


Pilottech is a company that has its main mission tagged to delivering high quality services to clients. Our long experience has made us outstanding on offering transcription services to our clients. Our staff are carefully selected to ensure the highest possible quality of services delivered. When you hire services from Pilottech, quality is assured.


What you gain by hiring Pilottech transcription company


  • We use latest technologies to assure you the highest possible accuracy for your work
  • The transcriptionists are capable of working on various formats such as Mp3, mp4, avi, wma and others.
  • We conduct multiple proofreading and the ultimate results are of higher quality capturing all the aspects of your podcast effects.


Specific Pilottech transcription benefits


  • Competitive prices: The cost of the services is highly competitive. This is offered without compromising the overall quality of services.
  • Use of experts: Podcasts like most professionals will ascertain can only be done effectively by people who are highly qualified.
  • Highest level of accuracy: The services are delivered at an accuracy level of over 99% always.


Consider adopting Pilottech trial service by making the first order for free. This helps you to preview the services while we showcase what we are capable of doing for our clients.