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Attorney Transcription Services

An attorney’s work is diverse and highly professional.  Attorney transcription services involve the transformation of these discussions, recordings, reports, presentations and videos into texts.  Pilottech has a special focus on attorney transcriptions by hiring highly skilled professional to do this type of transcription jobs.

Pilottech at a glance

We at Pilottech offer diverse transcription services across the globe.  We maintain highly committed employees who are capable of handling transcriptions in their areas of specialization.  The company has been in transcription business for a long time, it holds massive experience and you can rest assured that the projects will be delivered on time with high accuracy levels.  The company maintains a strict policy of confidentiality and client focus to deliver higher value for money once a transcription service has been ordered.


Why it is advisable to outsource to Pilottech 


  • The company works with highly qualified and competent staff.
  • The special emphasis on client value ensures that we give the best results possible when a transcription order is placed with the company.
  • Adoption of modern technology has made it possible to deliver projects faster 


What you will gain after outsourcing to Pilottech 


  • High accuracy levels of attorney transcription
  • Timely delivery of a perfect transcription report
  • An ironclad guarantee that your transcription needs will be handled by highly qualified and experienced personnel
  • A responsive 24/7 support services
  • Affordable prices  


A pre-transcription services test

Pilottech has designed a method for clients to pretest the services it offers.  You may consider ordering the first transcription as a trial order for free to attest the actual outcome and related accuracy before outsourcing the main project.