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University Transcription Service

There are a number of sessions that are conducted in Universities.  These include talks, seminars and lectures just to mention a few.  It is possible to convert these sessions from an audio or video format into a text format.  This is done through University Transcription Services.

It is important that Transcription services be carried out by experts.  This is because the original content should not be changed.  The same message that was passed in the original format has to be the same message being passed by the transcript.

Introducing Pilottech

Pilottech is a company of professionals in the field of Transcription.  We provide a wide range of transcription services.

  • Our services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We understand that the important thing about any form of content is the message that it is intended to pass.
  • We do everything possible to ensure that the original message is always maintained.
  • It does not matter what type of Transcription service you want, we deliver what you want.

Why Pilottech

  • We understand that our greatest asset is the customer and we do everything possible to ensure that the customer’s needs are adequately catered for.
  • We have been in this industry for a long time now and we have all the necessary experience to enable us to work at our best.
  • We highly value quality and we never compromise on it.

Pilottech Assurance


You do not need to just take our word for it; you can try it out for yourself.  At Pilottech, we are offering you a free trial of our University Transcription services to assure you that choosing to work with us will be the right thing for you to do.