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Meeting Transcription Services

Meetings are a great source of information.  A good number of us have had to attend meeting at one time or another in our lives; whether it was an educational conference, a spiritual meeting, a motivational conference, a health conference or any other kind.  The information one gets from a conference is usually very beneficial in day to day life and is thus very important.

All the information that is given during a conference/meeting is usually to be used in the living of day to day life. This only goes to say that it is important that one has this information readily available to them the days following the conference. One way to ensure that you do have this information is through the use of Meeting Transcription Services. These services involve the conversion of audio and video formats into text format.  You can plainly sit through the conference and record the proceedings then have them converted later on for future reference.

Pilottech offers these Meeting Transcription Services.  We are a company with a team of highly qualified and experienced staff members who are highly dedicated to their work.  We always put our clients first and we do everything in our power to ensure that the clients’ needs are timely met.

Apart from the qualified team of staff, below are other reasons why Pilottech is the company to go for:-


  • We use the most modern technology to deliver our services.
  • We have immense experience in the industry thus we know what is required.
  • Quality is our number one priority and we never compromise on it.


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