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EMR charting or EMR documentation is the procedure of typing medical notes right into the EMR system. All records are digitized on an almost real-time basis. Charting in EMR requires not just very good transcription skills, but in addition very good EMR documentation skills utilizing many tools for charting. A team of EMR transcriptionist will incorporate EMR transcription in each and every patient chart from start to the end which helps in efficient EMR implementation.

There are many advantages of using EMR transcription service. When it has to do with patient care, it's best to outsource medical transcription to expert transcriptionists, who can type patient charts directly into EMR systems. At Pilottech each medical specialty has a dedicated group of transcribers who focus on offering medical transcribing and documentation solutions for that specific specialty and integrate them into EMR system. 


Pilottech is one of the prominent companies in the transcription industry. We are highly capable of providing you with extremely effective EMR transcription services and implementing the same. The services we provide will help to ensure that you always get the best of services.


Why Pilottech


  • We only employ the best Human Resource with the highest level of training.
  • The technology that we use to deliver our services is the latest in the market.
  • Quality is our number one priority and we never compromise on it.
  • Our clients are our most precious assets and we have put every measure in place to ensure that the customer’s needs are always adequately and timely met.


Key benefits of Pilottech transcriptions


  • We deliver your work with high level of accuracy.
  • We employ highly qualified employees and you are assured that your work will be done by a professional specialized in forensic science.
  • The company has an outstanding customer care support that keeps you informed of the progress of your orders.
  • Pilottech charges highly competitive rates that are affordable to all clients.


To assure you that what we offer you is the best of the best, Pilottech will give you a free trial of EMR transcription service before you actually sign up our services.