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Direct Transcription into EMR EHR system


Contemplating the worth of doctor's time, transcription isn't a costly proposition. Entering the scripts into EMR/EHR systemdecreases the physician's capability to supply focused services to the patient when increasing the mundane clerical, data-entry tasks. Dictation has become the most efficient approach to document patient care. Direct entry of transcription notes into EMR/EHR system is just one of the most typical strategies to dictate today. This technology of directly incorporating data directly into EMR/EHRhas the solution that will endure long into the future.We at Pilottech can transcribe directly into any EMR computer software application being used by healthcare facilities.


Our EMR/EHR interface solution is intended to give a smooth transcription process which saves our clients time and money while we deliver the exact same high quality reports in a way the customer finds it beneficial. For non tech-savvy doctors the procedure for capturing the comprehensive patient encounter on a computer facing a patient can be tedious and hard. Certain implementations may call for extra EMR provider program. This EMR mandate has called for a significant shift in the health care transcription procedure, and we've responded in a swift and positive way.


Direct transcription into EMR/EHR system reduces the total amount of time office staff spend managing the stream of information between hospitals and physicians. At Pilottech transcription service we have certified transcribers who make sure that transcribed reports will be delivered within strict deadlines. Medical Transcription providers are adopting lots of new technologies to work with providers to boost their EMR experience.


Why Pilottech is the best for direct transcription into EMR/EHR system


Selecting a transcription firm requires great care to be assured of the best results. Pilottech fits this definition because it has been in business for long and is committed to high quality through professionalism at all levels of transcription. The company has further created a high quality management model intended to guarantee you the best results. We have also further invested in the latest technologies that assist in faster and accurate result delivery.


Advantages you get by hiring Pilottech


  • The company employs the best transcribing professionals and therefore guarantees you the best services.
  • The company has invested in technology and your transcriptions will be delivered at a high level of accuracy.
  • When you outsource to Pilottech, you get affordable prices without compromising on the quality.
  • Ours is a company where clients come first and the rest are secondary because we develop our services with the sole aim of winning our clients’ loyalty.


 About the free trial


To assure our clients that we deliver the best, all clients could take a non-obligatory free trial transcription before ordering their main transcription. This assistsour new clients to gauge our services.