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Ministry Transcription Services

These days, Ministry Transcription Services are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that these play a very vital role in helping people understand the gospel and learn more about Christian life. Without doubt, technology has greatly improved the way we live our lives today and with it, it is now possible to reach out to millions of people around the globe sharing the Lord’s inspiring gospel.

Countless pastors wish to spread the love and teachings of God to millions of His believers and followers and even to those who wish to discover more about Christianity.  We now have ministry transcription services, which make it easy for ministers to reach out to more internet viewers.  With more keywords and Christian terminologies fed into the video as subtitle there is higher visibility on Internet.  Pilottech’s ministry transcription service pertains to the transformation of audio/video recordings into text that meets the need of the constituents of a Christian Ministry.  There are millions of believers who search and research on Internet for Bible interpretation.  When a transcribed note/subtitle accompanies your video/audio the range of visibility is higher in search engines.  The same stands for Bible reading transcription service, sermon transcription service and lecture transcription service.

Why choose Pilottech?


  • We are known to be the provider of an all-inclusive range of Ministry transcription services to Christian Ministries across the globe for several years now.
  • We make use of cutting edge technology, infrastructure and we employ well-experienced and professional transcriptionists who have a deep knowledge regarding different and difficult Christian terms.
  • Professionalism, quality, confidentiality and affordability are guaranteed.


To further give you the confidence of our work, we offer a free trial of our services which you can utilize at any time.