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As what we commonly know, a very precise and well-delivered sermon is amazingly powerful that it can inspire and touch the hearts of your audiences. Outspoken sermons have the ability to influence your congregation to bear your message with them but this will not be the case for those who have not attended your sermon. Spoken word may travel so far but the reality is that at times our memory does not often serve us right.  Due to this, transcribing your sermons is considered an easy way to revisit your directive and to significantly aid you reach wider audience. 


Why Hire Transcription Services 


  • Transcribing of sermons in this modern day’s sped up society is regarded as an effective way for people to receive the Word of God in a manner that precisely suits their hectic schedule.
  • With the help of specialized transcription service firm like Pilottech, video or audio recordings of your preachment may be transformed into written documents. This way, your sermon will remain its purpose and may now be easily and be frequently accessed by various people in your community. This is so because sermons in transcription form are either distributed to those who usually stay at home or posted on websites. 


Pilottech’s Guarantee of Service


  • Pilottech shall aid you come up with the most precise church sermon transcriptions through video or audio recording of your preachment.
  • Clients are assured of superior quality services at a very reasonable price.


There’s no need for you to worry about your transcription needs as the firm’s skilled transcribers will produce first-rate transcripts perfectly suited to your needs.
Pilottech transcription employs standard procedure by means of encouraging clients to try our free trial offer for transcription service for Pastors.  This is for clients to have the opportunity to test the quality of our transcription service.