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Church Lecture Transcription

At present, church lecture transcription service is deemed as a fundamental tool in helping the church reach out to millions of audiences worldwide.  However, this is not a easy task as it requires the highest level of expertise and dedication to come up with the perfect words to share with the audience. When your church or congregation website is able to provide what the audience look for, then you not only build traffic to your website but you encourage millions of people out there to learn more about the Word of God. Beyond doubt, this is the best way to easily spread the gospel around the planet we live in. 


Pillotech’s Edge 


  •  We are the right firm which allows Christian organizations to pursue their church work and duties without having to encounter problems in terms of transcribing their sermons, prayers, lectures and many more.
  • With our company’s exceptional transcription service, your workload is simplified and your backlogs are reduced. You can eliminate overhead manpower as well as technology resources.
  • What’s more advantageous from our firm’s service is the fact that a church or a congregation’s remarkable sermons as well as other materials are highly discernible by our pool of transcribers.
  • Not only that, clients we guarantee you accurate transcription service that is offered at a very cost efficient rates 


Why trust us


Pilottech transcription firm employs standard procedure by means of encouraging clients to try our free trial offer for Church Lecture Transcription.  This is for clients to have the opportunity to test the quality of our transcription service.