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Typing Referrals for GP to Specialist UK

Being a physician does not only involve checking on their patients and treating their problems. Paperwork is also part of their job. In fact, they send out as much as 40 referrals in a day making it hard for their secretaries to keep up. Typing referral for GP to specialist is not an easy workload since the letter’s content mostly comes from the physician’s dictations.

Pilottech, an outsourcing company understands your needs when it comes to making referral letters. Our team is equipped with knowledge and we fully understand the amount of work that needs to be done. We deliver guaranteed good outcome on time.


Who is Pilottech?


  • We are amongst the forerunners in the outsourcing industry that use up-to-date technology to make sure we deliver only the best to our clients.
  • There is an available customer service representative who can assist you 24/7
  • Only the highly qualified staff is assigned to do the job you ask us to do. 


Pilottech and medical dictations


  • We understand the link between medical field and technology so we can guarantee our services are one of the best in the field.
  • Privacy is important in medicine so our staff members pass through a rigid security check when coming in and out of our building.
  • We know the standard procedure and format when it comes to typing referral letter for GP to specialists.  


Free trial with Pilottech 

Pilottech offers a free trial to those who want to ensure that we give out the results you need.  Try us today with no obligations.