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QME Transcription Services 

QMEs are qualified medical evaluators, physicians certified by the Division of Workers' Compensation.  QMEs provide crucial information in medical reports after examining the injured workers to evaluate the disability level, which in turn determines if the injured worker is eligible for workers’ compensation.  Being a doctor, it is highly apparent that you are busy conducting quite a number of QMEs.  When doing so you will need a strong partner to support you in paper work.  If you are still starting out and have not yet conducted any QMEs, you can be sure that you will have to conduct them in due course.  Taking this fact into account, it is highly advisable that you get a transcription service provider that sure will provide you with the best of services. At Pilottech, we guarantee that we can provide you with these services.


Why Opt for Pilottech 

Pilottech is one of the leading companies in the transcription industry and its mission is singular; to provide the best transcription services to its customers. This is why you should enlist Pilottech services.


  • We have the required knowledge, expertise and experience to give you the best of transcription services
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  • We have a clear understanding of the transcription industry thus we understand well what we need to do to function optimally 


Benefits of Opting for Pilottech


  • High quality services at very affordable prices
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  • Timely and adequate meeting of all of your needs as a customer
  • High quality services that will never disappoint 


The Free Trial

To show you how serious we are about effectively catering for all your transcription needs, we are willing to offer you a free trial of our services to allow you to confirm that they will work for you.