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Outsourcing Clinic Letter Dictation UK

There are many types of medical dictations outsourced today. Some involve updating the patient’s medical records while others are about dictating referral letters for specialists. Although letter-writing can be done by medical secretaries, there is an overwhelming number of letter dictations in UK done in a day. A new trend that’s been utilized by many physicians is to outsource clinic letter dictation.

Pilottech is a trusted outsourcing company among United Kingdom physicians.  Pilottech handles all general, legal and medical dictations.  We understand that just like any other dictation jobs, clinic letter dictation has its format that needs to be followed.  Our staffs know the basic guidelines and the rules in making a referral letter.


Why Pilottech?


  • Pilottech is an outsourcing organisation dedicated to provide accurate and guaranteed positive results when it comes to your dictation needs.
  • Our goal has always been to serve our customers with great satisfaction.
  • We have a decent number of followings all over UK  


How Pilottech works


  • Every client’s needs are met through delegating only the highest qualified employee for the job.
  • Our systems are updated and we use the latest software in this business
  • Our customer service representatives are online 24/7 to ensure you are taken care of anytime of the day.
  • We employ rigid rules when it comes to security and privacy.


Pilottech and free trial

We offer free trial of clinic letter dictation service for potential UK clients.  This is to make sure our potential clients get to know the quality before hand.