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Orthopedic Transcription Services

Creating, maintaining and updating an orthopedic documentation can be very difficult and indeed time consuming.  However, it is very central to provision of better patient care.  Orthopedic transcriptions are designed to transform videos, audios, discussions and interviews into texts for clinics and physicians practices.  This allows easier storage and digital usage.  Pilottech because of its commitment to this profession, hires highly qualified personnel in order to deliver transcriptions of a very high quality. 

Additional information about Pilottech 

We have been offering transcription services for a long time and always aim to deliver the best to you.  In the highly specialized areas such as orthopedic transcription, the company maintains a highly trained staff to conduct transcriptions.  Over the recent past, technology has become one of the major defining factors of time and accuracy of transcription services results.  Pilottech has consequently embraced high technology to guide its employees as they work on clients’ works.


Why many people go to Pilottech for their transcriptions


  •     24/7 customer support
  •     All transcriptions are done by professionals
  •     Modern technology adoption in transcription services
  •     Total reliability
  •     The company is guided by special guidelines on quality and customer focus  

Specific benefits drawn by outsourcing to Pilottech 


  •     High turn-around time
  •     Your project will be delivered at accuracies of over 99%
  •     The prices are affordable and competitive
  •     A highly reliable customer support that answers all your queries on a 24/7 basis


A focus on the free trial


If you would like to pre-test Pilottech services,  order a free trial  before outsourcing to us.  This allows us to show you what you could expect from us.