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Majority of profesional seeking great quality, accuracy and convenience from one package go for human-based transcription services.  Manual Transcription Service providers have built-in professional teams and technical expertise to deliver high-quality output every time. The success of Human Based Transcription in UK has always been attributed to the in-house staff skills of the transcriptionists along with their dedication and professionalism towards their work.


As the demand of online and web based manual transcriptions grow in the market, the companies providing transcription services have responded by launching online and web-based manual transcription service.

One of the major advantages of manual transcription service is having skilled and educated individuals to transcribe medical documents. It is a guaranteed process as the transcribers are well versed with terminologies and the rules involved in transcribing dictated documents without any error. Another advantage is that they have mastered the art of dictation and know how to precisely and punctually transcribe dictated information without many interruptions. They are equipped with the necessary training and are well trained to handle any situation. They do not miss a beat and transcribe reports and materials without a glitch.

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