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There is a healthy competition of online jobs these days. And clients are looking for efficient, output oriented and punctual job deliveries. One of the most in demand jobs today is becoming an Internet typist.  These people do all the secretarial needs from dictations to audio typing services and other typing jobs.  If you are looking for Internet typist UK, you have come to the right place.  

Pillottech, a trusted outsourcing company offers internet typist services from legal, media, church and medical dictations. We understand the need of our clients so we deliver the reports and letters on time without compromising good outputs.  We promise to keep our quality intact when finding the right means for our clients. 



How do we work?




  • Pillottech maintains a healthy environment keeping our employees in check when it comes to meeting deadlines and client’s specific needs.
  • Our software is up-to-date and we constantly train our employees and keep them updated with the latest buzz in the dictation and outsourcing business.


Why choose us?


  •     We offer competitive rates to our clients
  •     Our staff is highly qualified to do the job you want us to do.
  •     We are output based and we guarantee you we give the best outputs
  •     We have customer service 24/7 to help with your needs


Heard about our free trial? 

We offer free trial of Internet typist service and you can check if we meet your standards.  You can contact us and talk to one of our representatives or fill in the query form and one of our representatives will contact you.