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Insurance Transcription Services

Insurance Transcription Services have become very important to insurance alliances, agents and companies, where they need reports on property, assets, bonds, holdings, claims, site investigations, etc. It is for this reason that Pilottech has hired the best professionals for its Insurance Transcription Services. We support both audio and video dictation for any type of insurance work.


Why outsource to Pilottech


Insurance operations and applications are perhaps some of the activities that require a high level of secrecy and confidentiality. Pilottech has focused on delivering the highest value for its clients. The company through its high accuracy and quality delivery assurance to clients delivers all of its transcriptions on time. All past clients have expressed great satisfaction with us because of the high technology adoption to guarantee faster service delivery.


Benefits of outsourcing to Pilottech:


  • All work is done professionally
  • You are guaranteed of the highest possible confidentiality
  • Your transcription is delivered on time because we use modern and most effective technology for higher efficiencies.
  • We have one of the best customer care support that operates on a 24/7 basis
  • The prices are very competitive
  • You are given guarantee for your work


Take a free trial today


Pilottech's free non-obligatory trial assists you to get a taste of the services being offered to you. You order the initial test transcription that is free to be assured that you will get the best results. Allow us to use this to demonstrate how professional we are when we deliver you your work.