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Forensic Transcription services

Forensic services have become very crucial in solving crimes in today’s society. When the reports are made, they are often in different formats such as videos, audios and conference reports that are mainly inaccessible. It is for this reason that Forensic Transcription Services have become very common in converting digitally recorded voice files to text format for greater access to forensic department. Forensic Transcription Services offered by Pilottech include Forensic Pathology transcription, Evidence Technicians Transcription, Forensic Toxicology Transcription and Forensic Limnology Transcriptions.


Why outsource to Pilottech


Pilottech has consequently embarked on a strong and committed mission of hiring the best professionals to do its transcriptions. We have invested in modern technology that ensures HL7 and HIPAA compliance. We operate at higher level of accuracy to deliver the best result. You can count on Pilottech when it comes to your forensic transcription.


Key benefits of Pilottech transcriptions


  • We deliver your work with high level of accuracy.
  • We employ highly qualified employees and you are assured that your work will be done by a professional specialized in forensic science.
  • The company has an outstanding customer care support that keeps you informed of the progress of your orders.
  • Pilottech charges highly competitive rates that are affordable to all clients.


The trial order


To be assured of higher quality services, you could take a non-obligatory trial on your first order so that you get to know how we deliver the results. This is a really good consideration because you test our services and we will show you what we can deliver to you.