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Doctors Letter Typing UK

Being a physician does not only involve treating patients but also dealing with a lot of paperwork.  Medical secretaries are bombarded with a lot of papers to deal with.  One of which is typing letters for GP referrals.  Most medical secretaries admit it is a tedious process and they need help in doctors’ letter typing service in UK.
Pilottech offers its services to general practitioners clinic in UK that have a lot on their plate by doing doctors letter typing.  We assure quality letters typed by our skilled staff and we will deliver it to you on time.

Why you should consider Pilottech?


  • Pilottech understands that quality letter typing is the essence and it needs to be delivered to its recipients on time.
  • The information in the letter should be concise and precise just as dictated.  Reports of the previous examinations and course of treatment should be included in the letter as instructed.  We guarantee on this.
  • We will make that it includes a format prompt card to make sure that there is a good response from the referring doctor to medical specialists.
  • We provide good structured letters, following the client specified format for referrals.
  • Our staffs deliver quality dictation letters that are proofread and ready to be sent to its receivers. 


How Pilottech delivers


  •     Dictations are typed and delivered via FTP (file transfer protocol).
  •     Dictations are also sent via email, drop box and transfer big files.


Free trials

You can opt for our free trial of doctors letter typing service before starting with us.  This is to ensure we meet your needs in the outsourcing industry.