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With the growing number of outsourcing companies in the UK in the transcribing field, it can be tricky for you to look for a one-of-a-kind service provider. You have to look for a company that can deliver on time and with guaranteed good results. As a physician, these are essential because the dictation service that you will be hiring handles the things that you do in the medical field like doing medical records, dictating letters for referral, GP referrals and other correspondence.

There are many qualities that you should look for when hiring someone for your audio dictations. The company should know the necessary terminologies that the area of medicine is using. Aside from that, they also have to deal with the abbreviations, the complex medications and different course of treatment done. But you don’t have to look any further. Pilottech is one of the trusted organizations that will handle your transcription needs.



About Pilottech



  •     This is a company with integrity and with a mindset of dedication towards customer satisfaction.
  •     Our mission comes with a mindset of “customer first, profit next”
  •     We have guaranteed good feedback from our clients


Pilottech can deliver your needs


  •     Qualified employees are assigned towards a project to ensure good and on-time outputs
  •     Our staff understands that privacy is a big deal in medicine making sure your documents are safe with us
  •     We have 24/7 customer reps in case you need us off office hours


Free trial

Pilottech offers dictation service to first time clients to gauge how our staffs deliver what you want.  You can contact us and register to avail this free trial service.