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Dictamus Dictation Service UK


Dictamus is a handy app where you can send dictations from your cellular phone straight to the transcribers with one touch.  The Dictamus dictation service is one of the proven apps for smartphones.  Forget about Dictaphones and tape these days.  Leave them in your office cabinet and make the big switch to Dictamus.

Pilottech acknowledges clients who send and wish to send their dictations via Dictamus.  Our employees are well versed and are trained for updates on the newest dictation trends in the UK. Our physician clientele have confessed using Dictamus to save time and energy since they are always on-the-go.


Send your dictations to us! 

Pillottech is a renowned dictamus dictation service provider for UK based clients and across the United States.  As an outsourcing agency, we understand our clients’ needs and we meet them without compromising our results.  We also understand that in the medical field, privacy is important.


  • Our server and security measures are well maintained.
  • All data sent to us are password protected and we have back-up software.
  • Employees are informed about the security detail and there is a strict security protocol when coming in and going out of work.  


You make a good decision when choosing Pilottech 


  •     Our employees do not only make great quality output but they also deliver on time.
  •     We assign projects based on the employee who is highly qualified for the job
  •     Audio dictations whether medical or legal are delivered with great accuracy.


Pilottech free trial

Pilottech gladly offers dictamus dictation service free trial to clients who want to ensure we meet their standards in all of our dictation services. Give us a try today!