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Remote medical coding Specialist

Remote medical coding Specialist

Remote medical coding specialists are responsible for Coding, reviewing and analyzing of client chart abstraction for designated inpatient clients and multiple specialties. Remote medical coders QA reviews to ensure compliance with applicable healthcare regulations. CPC - Certified Professional Coders assist with identifying clinical documentation insufficiencies that impact code assignments. Remote medical coders work on multiple levels of management like physicians, compliance staff, coders, insurance companies, etc. 
Medical coding is imperative to ensuring that medical procedures and diagnoses are correctly classified and coded. It is a process of assigning alphanumeric codes to each individual diagnosis and medical procedure which is has universal translation.
Coding requires specialized skills and understanding of respective client chart and medical records which is comprehended to codes that are vital instruments and medical practices. 

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Pilottech is a company that has its main mission tagged to delivering high quality services to clients. Our long experience has made us outstanding on offering medical coding to our clients. Our staff are carefully selected to ensure the highest possible quality of services delivered. When you hire services from Pilottech, quality is assured.

What you gain by hiring Pilottech company

  • We use latest technologies to assure you the highest possible accuracy for your work
  • We conduct multiple proofreading and the ultimate results are of higher quality capturing all the aspects of coding
  • The cost of the services is highly competitive. This is offered without compromising the overall quality of services.
  • Highest level of accuracy: The services are delivered at an accuracy level of over 99% always.
  • Responsive support for 24/7 basis.  High projects confidentiality


Consider adopting Pilottech trial service by making the first order for free. This helps you to preview the services of CPC - Certified Professional Coder, while we showcase what we are capable of doing for our clients. To guarantee you higher level of accuracy, timely delivery and competitive pricing, you can take the free trial. This allows you to see and therefore make a more informed decision to outsource to us.