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Film and film-oriented technology has become the center of attraction for businesses involved in entertainment, media and culture all over the world. Film transcription is the process of transcribing the spoken information in films into texts that can be easily stored and made available online. It is a process where the dialogues of the artists are texted to foster better understanding. Film transcribers require high precision to ensure that they capture the exact message to readers. The services include raw footage transcription, media transcription, TV show transcription, journalist interview transcription, entertainment transcription, script transcription and documentary transcription among others.


Information about Pilottech Company


Pilottech is a transcription service company focused on providing high quality services to clients. We are highly value driven to deliver the best to clients. Film transcription in particular has been chosen as a thrust area because of high demand in the entertainment industry. Having been in the transcription business for long, the company holds massive experience to deliver quality work for film industry. The company therefore maintains a highly qualified and dedicated staff as well as modern technology to deliver the results on time and maintain the clients’ confidence at all times.


What you will gain by hiring Pilottech


  • Timely delivery: The Company employs highly qualified staff and uses the best technology to finish your transcriptions on time.
  • High accuracy: The Company is driven by a special policy and committed staff who deliver your project at accuracy at levels over 99%
  • Cost effectiveness: The services are highly cost effective and affordable in the market.


Because our focus is on winning clients’ loyalty, Pilottech has established a trial service that you can use to find out what we offer. You can now make a first order for free to gauge our services. The trial is no strings attached and also allows us to show you how we are better players in the market. When you want transcription related to media, you can rest assured that we deliver the best.