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Technology has greatly advanced today and it is now much easier to relay information to people.  One of the methods used in availing information to people is webcasting which can be done either live or on demand.  Webcast transcription services is a service that basically converts webcast material into text format from video or audio format.  Having the webcast material in text format posted along with the video or audio makes the webcast vastly more visible on search engines, hence bringing more visitors to the website.

Transcription as a service requires a lot of precision to ensure that the message of the original content is not altered or changed.  This simply means that only experts can give you effective transcription.  Pilottech is a transcription company that has been in the business for quite some time now and we have the necessary expertise to give you excellence for the following reasons:


  • Our many years in the industry has earned us the required skills and expertise
  • We use the latest form of technology to ensure that you get nothing short of the best  


Why go for Pilottech


  • Pilottech has a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals ready to give you their best.
  • Quality is our number one priority and we never compromise on it.
  • Our clients always come first and we have put all necessary measures in place to ensure that the clients are always well taken care of.
  • Proper preservation and confidentiality of your content is guaranteed.


To show you how serious and committed we are, try our Webcast Transcription Services complimentary 3-day free trial.  This will help you clear up all and any doubts that you may have about enlisting us as your reliable business-supporting partner in transcription.