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Oral History Transcription Service

History is a very important part of our lives. It shows us where we come from which is a very important pointer to where we are going. Oral History Transcription services are one very important kind of service. This service allows the conversion of oral history into text format from either audio or video.

Oral History is a very important source of information. This is so because most of the time it is a firsthand source of information, which is the most credible source of information available.  Converting oral history into text format is beneficial as it allows you to be able to read and analyze the information more critically and at your own pace.  It also gets to reach a wider audience when it is in text format.

We are a company that is at your service to provide you with these highly beneficial transcription services.  Pilottech is a professional company that is well known for our great transcription services.  We have been in the business for long and the experience that we have gained guarantees you nothing short of the best of services.

Among the many reasons why you should opt for Pilottech are:-


  • We have extreme high regard for quality work.
  • We have a team of professionally well-trained and highly qualified employees.
  • We make use of modern technology when working on your transcriptions. 


To top it all up, before you get to use our oral history transcription service we give you a free trial.  This only serves to assure you that you will not be wasting your money when you enlist our services.