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One on One Interview Transcription Service

One-on-one interviews are a great source of information.  The information is considered first hand.  The credibility that comes with the information provided in such setting is very high.  One-on-one interview transcription service helps you to make the information more credible and accurate by converting the information recorded in the course of the session into text.

One-on-one Interview Transcription service provides you with documented information of what was discussed in the interview.  This allows you to better analyze the given information and decide what to keep and what to discard.  It is more effective as every word is clearly displayed and one does not have to guess some information due to factors such as distortion.

We at Pilottech understand the importance of clear and precise information.  This is the reason why we are at your service to provide you with One-on-one Interview Transcription services.  We have provided our services to many satisfied clients all over the world and you can be sure that we are a trustworthy company.  We value confidentiality and you can be sure that whatever information you give will remain safe with us.  Pilottech has a team of qualified staff who give all their best to their work.  We put in every effort to ensure that the quality of our work is always at an all-time high. We make sure that the transcribed interview will relay the same message as the original interview.

What you gain from hiring Pilottech


  • Timely delivery: The Company employs highly qualified staff and uses the best technology to finish your transcriptions on time.
  • High accuracy: The Company is driven by a special policy and committed staff who deliver your project at accuracy levels of over 99%
  • Cost effectiveness:  The services are highly cost effective and affordable in the market.


To show you how serious we are about our work and our clients, Pilottech is willing to offer you a free trial to assure you that the services that we provide you with are nothing short of the best.  Try us today and you can be sure that you will never regret this decision.