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Education is a very important part of our lives today. It is however noteworthy that people will only hold you in high regard when you actually excel in your academics, not when you just attend school. One way of aiding your success in the academic field is Academic Transcription services.

Education Transcription services allow you to convert any of your academic materials that are in either video or audio format into text format.  This will allow you to go through your materials anywhere anytime with ease.  You can simply attend class and listen keenly to your teacher as you record the session.  This will benefit you a lot as you get to clearly understand what the teacher is teaching in class and you get to have very accurate materials to use in your revision.

In the event that you are looking for expert transcription services to guarantee your excelling in academics, Pilottech is at your service. Pilottech is composed of a team of transcription experts who are technologically robust.  Pilottech has well trained, highly professional and highly experienced staffs.

Our great staff members are just a tip of the iceberg, as there are many more reasons as to why you should go with Pilotech and a few are listed below:-


  • We make use of the most effective technology to carry out our services
  • We greatly value quality and never compromise on it
  • Our clients are our greatest assets and we hold them in very high regard and we will always do the best to ensure that their needs are adequately catered for.
  • The many years we have been in business have given us immense experience in the field


To put the icing on the cake, we offer you a free trial of Education Transcription service to assure you that the services we offer you will completely gratify you.