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Medical documentation with EHR EMR transcription


The successful adoption of EHR / EMR systems has been a top priority for healthcare organizations across the globe. In order to achieve this, many have turned to medical transcription services as a way to maintain high quality patient care documentation while also freeing up time and resources.


EHR EMR is an integrated medical transcription service that helps you keep track of your medical records and appointments in one place. It makes it easy to find and manage your health information, and to share it with your doctor or other healthcare providers.


Why Pilottech is the right choice


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The reports generated by medical transcriptionists provide crucial documentation of patient care that can be used to support billing, diagnosis, and treatment. These reports are integrated into each specific column of EHR system.  This frees up the physicians’ precious time plus keeps the EHR workflow system working smoothly.


Outsourcing to Pilottech has specific benefits


  •     Your EHR chart work will be completed quickly with all the updates
  •     You will get the best quality work done by highly qualified workers.
  •     You can choose from a variety of transcription services offered by the company


We're here for you any time of the day, because we know how important it is to get your EMR EHR transcriptions done sooner rather than later. And you can try us free for three days for a smooth experience.