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Legal Court Video Transcription Services

When court proceedings take place, every word, gesture, argument and evidence influences the final judgment. Whether the judge rules in favor of defendant or plaintiff, the entire proceeding is critical for scholars, analysts and legal experts.  Legal court video transcription services transform these videos into texts in a concise manner so that the tone and emphasis are carefully brought out.  It is for this reason that Pilottech maintains a team of legal transcriptionists who understand the terminologies and court requirements to deliver high accuracy.


Insights into Pilottech

Pilottech provides transcription service to clients globally.  It further specializes in different areas of transcription by hiring professionals who are qualified in their respective areas.  In legal areas, Pilottech has created a special focus and instructed respective transcriptionists to maintain the highest level of accuracy for the clients.  Pilottech is guided by a policy of high quality in all transcriptions. 


How Pilottech delivers your work   


  •    The company uses highly qualified transcriptionists
  •    Technology is used to take the level of accuracy higher
  •    Policy on high quality and confidentiality is strictly observed 

Benefits you will draw from contracting to Pilottech 


  • You get highly competitive prices for your transcriptions
  • Your transcriptions will only be handled by transcriptionists with a legal background
  • You will have a 24/7 support to assist you with any issue before, during and after the transcription services
  • Multiple proofreading and use of latest technology ensures that your transcriptions are delivered at accuracy levels of over 99%


Why take our free trial


To give you an idea about the efficiency of our services, we allow you to take an initial order as a trial.  You can use this to evaluate our competency and efficiency and what to expect with your main transcriptions.  Put us to test, it is free and non-obligatory.