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Investigation Transcription Services

Investigations have remained the main source of factual information and therefore are critical facets in judgments, negotiations and in decision making at corporate and personal levels. Investigation transcription services are critical in transforming information that is mainly in investigative media formats into texts that can be stored for future reference. Pilottech uses highly qualified transcriptionists who understand the investigation language and are passionate about transcription. The key services offered by Pilottech include Interview transcriptions, Casualty reports and Liability Reports Transcription. Pilottech offers Fire accident reports transcriptions, confession tapes transcription and Disciplinary hearing records transcriptions, interrogation transcription, legal proceedings transcription and many more.


Why Pilottech is the best for Investigation Transcription Service


Selecting a transcription firm requires great care to be assured of the best results. Pilottech fits this definition because it has been in business for long and is committed to high quality through professionalism at all levels of transcription. The company has further created a high quality management model intended to guarantee you the best results. We have also further invested in the latest technologies that assist in faster and accurate results delivery.


Advantages you get by hiring Pilottech


  • The company employs the best transcribing professionals and therefore guarantees you the best services.
  • The company has invested in technology and your transcriptions will be delivered at a high level of accuracy.
  • When you outsource to Pilottech, you get affordable prices without compromising on the quality.
  • Ours is a company where clients come first and the rest are secondary because we develop our services with the sole aim of winning our clients’ loyalty.


About the free trial


To assure our clients that we deliver the best and that we are the best, all clients could take a non-obligatory free trial transcription before ordering their main transcription. This will assist you to gauge our services.