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EMR EHR and Medical Transcription Service

To implement medical transcription services, many healthcare organizations have turned to EHR/EMR systems as a way to maintain high-quality patient care documentation while also freeing up time and resources.


Medical documentation is an essential tool for physicians. It contains the medical history of a patient, including past illnesses, conditions, accidents, lab tests must be documented and diagnoses must be provided. Medical documentation helps physicians plan the course of treatment.


Reason why more people hire Pilottech EMR/EHR medical transcription service


  •        We value quality and never compromise it
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  •        When we work on your EMR/EHR transcriptions, we make use of the most modern technology


With the right EMR/EHR transcription service, transcribed patient's chart can be incorporated into electronic medical record used in physicians’ office. Using a transcription service to complete this step will increase efficiency for medical office. EMR/EHR transcription service can reduce expenses and maintain the integrity of reports.


Many medical facilities are converting to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Having a transcription service that is compatible with these new systems can help medical practices improve productivity and efficiency. It also enhances practice-wide communications. An EMR/EHR integrated medical transcription service can also help comply with government regulations.  EMR/EHR Transcription services offer flexible turnaround times.


Key advantages you will draw by hiring Pilottech


  •         Our staff consists entirely of experts in transcription
  •         An extensive pool of technical specialists in the field fitness to help you with your transcription.
  •         24-hour support after the task is completed
  •         The high esteem we place on our customers


Transcribers help reduce the amount of time needed to input data into the EHR/EMR system by transcribing reports directly into the system. With accurate and up-to-date documentation, this can help improve workflow efficiency within the medical office.  Trial our 3-day free trial service here.